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Christmas Celebrations



Celebrated every year on 25th December, Christmas is considered to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. One of the most popular festivals, Christmas is celebrated in almost all parts of the world. Christmas in India sees celebrations in almost all parts of the country.

Preparing for Christmas starts much before the actual day. People start shopping clothes and gifts for themselves, friends and family. In most of the Western world, there are heavy discounts offered on purchases with 'Sale' tags being visible on almost every shop and shopping malls.

Decorating Christmas Tree is also an important part of the festivities. People buy live Christmas Trees and decorate them with beautiful balls, bells, light hangings, decorated sticks and many more items. Beautiful artificial Christmas Trees in various sizes are also very popular as they are generally cheaper than the original trees.

Santa Claus is also an important part of Christmas celebrations. Generally depicted as an old man with white beard and red and white clothes, is said to be bringing gifts for children on the Christmas Eve. Generally played by an actor, Santa Claus appears in Shopping Malls, Departments stores and parties weeks before the Christmas. Children enjoy spending time with him and letting him know their wishlist.

A typical Christmas Day starts with distributing gifts to family members, visiting Church and ends with having a special Christmas dinner with extended family and friends.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!