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Greece is on the Southeastern tip of Europe, a meeting point of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Its magnificent and diverse landscapes bathed in sunshine and washed by crystal blue waters, its unique Mediterranean climate with mild winters, hot summers soothed by the sea breeze, as well as its global influencing civilization, are considered some of the highlights of its history throughout the ages. 

Greece has more than 3000 islands, around 1000 of which are inhabitable. Its blue sea and sky will ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay no matter the time of year you will decide to visit Greece

Greece is full of surprises and options in mixing the ancient with the modern, the relaxing atmosphere with the buzzing and vivid night life, the endless beaches with the numerous mountains spotted throughout the inland of Greece and so many more contradictions that will ensure that your stay will never be dull or monotonous. The cultural and historical background of Greece is obvious throughout the country as ruins of ancient temples, theatres and castles are easily noted almost everywhere and must be visited in order to get in touch and absorb just a fraction of this 6000 year old civilization.   

There are countless destinations in Greece where someone can enjoy and savour life itself. Beginning from Athens, the birthplace of democracy, we urge you to visit Acropolis, one of the best known ancient sites of the world where Parthenon stands, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, protector of the city. Have a walk through the picturesque Plaka area at the foothills of Acropolis with its endless small shops, cafes and restaurants that will help you get in touch with an older version of the city. 

Visit the ancient citadel of Mycenae with its cyclopean walls made of enormous blocks of stone. Visit the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, well known for its acoustics and try to imagine yourself watching one of the Greek tragedies that were performed there. 

Delphi is another must see for anyone wishing to admire the ancient Greek civilization. Visit the temple of Apollo where the most significant oracle of the ancient world was. The ancient sites are indeed endless but should you wish to visit someplace of equal importance try Thessaloniki, the jewel of the North, where you will be able to experience its diverse history through ruins of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine origin. 

The monasteries in Meteora in central Greece, built during 13th – 15th century, are also worth visiting in order to relive the Byzantine period as well as admire one of earth’s most intimidating landscape, constantly changing by wind and water, an actual living earth sculpture. If medieval time is what you are looking for, try the fortress of Monemvasia or the castle of Rhodes the best preserved in Greece, enclosing the oldest continuously inhabited medieval town of Europe.

Apart from the ancient culture, one should not forget to visit the world known Aegean islands and be completely overwhelmed by the simplicity and sheer beauty of the landscapes where sea and sky are blended to a point where it is almost impossible to understand where one ends and the other begins.

Santorini is by far the most diverse of the Aegean islands due to its unique topography created from the eruption of its volcano which is still active. The scenery is breathtaking with the villages of Ia and Fira crowning the rough volcanic rock slopes of caldera. If you are interested in cosmopolitan vacations Mykonos is the right place for you with its vivid and vibrant beaches and nightlife, ensuring that you will stay up almost all night long, every night! Crete is definitely worth visiting since it blends a lot of different and diverse elements form the ancient Minoan civilization, a visit to Knossos palace is imperative, with the sandy beaches in the greater Heraklio area, to the old town and the Venetian harbor of Chania town, which is considered the most beautiful urban district in Crete. 

These are just few of the examples of the diversity and beauty one will encounter upon visiting Greece and we will be more than happy to help you discover and explore them. There is no place in the world where someone can experience so many different aspects of nature and culture literally within arm’s reach.

Have a great trip to Greece !