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The Origin & Sanctity of Singapore

Ever flashed your inquisitiveness, about what makes up to the naming ceremony of this lovely island country, Singapore? Out of the many existing tales and myths, the most common ones purport about the story of a Sumatran prince Shri Vijay, who spotted a fortunate beast, a lion, when he landed on the island years back. That’s why it is believed that the word Singapore is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Singh’ and ‘pura’ meaning the ‘Lion City’, which later on became Singapore.

Being discovered by different sea travelers from different countries, Singapore happens to be home to different cultures, religions and communities, making it a land full of color and diversity. The blend of cultures make this island even more bewitching and beholding, as it makes a traveler travel back to the olden times. The most surprising thing about this place is its togetherness and a sense of belongingness among the people with different cultures living together as a close knitted family ready to welcome you with open hearts and arms. 

As an icon to the montage of cultures, Singapore speaks major four languages of the respective racial groups i.e. English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay. However, because of the high density of Malay people on the island, people here have adopted Bahasa Melayu as their native language.

Similarly the inviolability and sanctity of human life can be very well noted during the festivals. Amongst the most popular festivals celebrated, the Chinese New Year celebration is the show stealer which starts from 1st of the 1st month and continues till 15th of the impugned month. Indian Deepavali is celebrated also with passion by lighting the houses with oil lamps all along the roadside of ‘Serangoon Road’, the Indian centre of Singapore. The vivid colorful and glittering atmosphere with Bollywood numbers and south Indian tantalizing flavor has much to hold you back to the streets. 

The centre of the island has some magnificent reservoirs and green parcels of land of forest, away from the urban touch, where you can hear the all day chattering of the monkeys.


How to reach Singapore?
An unforgettable voyage or a flight within the budget can lead you to this beautiful island. Almost all international airlines operate flights to and from Singapore. For travelling within Singapore, you can opt for the Singapore MRT (mass Rapid Transit) which is the fastest way to get around Singapore. Smart cards and ticketing schemes solve your problem of waiting as well as budget. The other options can be the breezing Bus services, or the readily available hotline taxis, and of course the airline transit. Besides all this contacting a travel agency to plan your tour package can be a good idea as the travel agents are proficient enough in their jobs to assist you regarding all aspects. So, board your ship to this magical Lion City which has much more to offer than what you can imagine.

Tourist attractions of Singapore

Align yourself with the array of attractions of movie theme park of Universal Studios Singapore, Little India, Singapore zoo, resorts world - Sentosa, the Open Zoo of Night safari, National Museum of Singapore, Jurong Bird Park, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Alternatively you can also pay a visit to some of the most prominent local places as under:

The Merlion park signifies the mythical creature having the head of a lion and the rest of the body of a fish. This statue crafted with perfection outpouring water from its mouth stands to signify the ancient fishing village of Singapore.

The thrilling Megazip park at Sentosa is one of the most adventurous tourist spots extending underwater life with non-stop entertainment. The resort has Hollywood movies and theme parks which are loved by children and elders alike.

The Jurong Bird Park mesmerizingly engages a viewer with the sound of more than 380 bird species along with the musical tracks of the African waterfall Aviary. The wide spread parks consists of some amazing sites to visit, like the Bird discovery centre, the African Wetland and the Lory Loft Aviary. While you are there, do not miss the bird show at the open air theater, where you can see macaus doing various tricks. The kids just love the show.

The Suntec City is a famous spot to view one of the biggest fountains in the world. The Fountain with adjacent towers has been designed to give the look of a hand, signifying wealth on the palm, hence it is also popularly known as the Fountain of Wealth. 

The ION Sky offering a 360 degrees view from the top of the Orchard Road and dining at Salt Grill, is also a place worth visiting. 

Singapore nightlife
Singapore offers a whole plethora of vibrant choices for nightlife lovers, with a buzzing network of bars and nightclubs. The nightclubs offer loud music, livewire dances and the bouncy drinks for the partyholics. The enchanting music, mouth-watering food, drinks describe the night life of this marvelous island most aptly. Your Singapore experience is incomplete if you do not feel the night-pulse of Singapore.

Popular Places to Shop in Singapore
Want to fling on with the bag loads, great bargains and sales? Bingo! Taking you to the Shopping streets stretching from the high end malls to the dazzling street outlets, Singapore offers the most fashionable in-house shopping stores ranging from Kampong Glam, Holland Village, Chinatown, Little India, Orchard Road etc. Singapore is a great place to shop for electronics, apparels, kids toys, perfumes, jewellery and more. Places bursting with crowd for retail shopping include: 

The Vivo City, located next to the Sentosa Island, which is a fun shopping centre offers every possible article you want to buy ranging from arts, books, lifestyles etc.

The Mustafa Centre, situated in the Little India district, is one of the most popular stores in Singapore for shopping. Spread over a very large area and many floors, it offers great deals and discounts on a whole range of items like perfumes, electronics, toys, mobiles phones, jewellery, computers, cosmetics, gift items, luggage and bags, office equipment, music instruments, the list is endless.

The Raffles city shopping centre, famous for the luxury items, on the other hand, offers any luxurious product you want to own from the desks of brands like Omega, Tommy Hilfiger etc. It also houses some big departmental stores and fashion chains. You can find best of fashion, books, music, sports, beauty products and many more top of the line products. Indulge into delicacies at some of the high end restaurants.

Getting some knowledge about the tax refund levied by GST on shopping can be a good idea to take back home, some of your hard earned money.

Have a wonderful tour to Singapore !