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7 Reasons that make Thailand so Amazing and Attractive to the tourists

As a Traveller, I love Thailand. Given a choice, I will simply keep travelling to all the exotic locations that it has to offer, eat my fill, get massages and shop at all opportunities. But, i am cautioned that the people who had tried to do the same earlier actually lost track of time and could return back to their home country only after a few extensions on their VISA.

Given below are some of the reasons that make Thailand so popular with travellers from any part of the world:

1. The people, influenced by the dominant Buddhist religion and culture, are mostly happy, smiling and helpful. Driven by tourism success, the range of hospitality businesses have taken service level to such heights that one is spoilt sooner that it is realized.

2. The food, the local flavours and textures can actually make you lose control. From a street side meal to exotic 100US$ meals, Thailand serves all budgets and tastes. Along with the authentic Thai the Sino-Thai experience is quite popular. One can experience food preparations from literally all parts of World, if one has the desire and money to pay. For a food binge in Bangkok, try street food anywhere but ‘Khao San Road’ stands out. Also try ‘Silom Road’ , ‘Thong Lo’ and ‘Ekkamai’.

3. The History and Culture, till recently driven by Monarchy, Thailand has a range of palaces and Buddhist temples that literally can leave you in a trance by their sheer beauty and at some places, by the peace and tranquillity. Major attractions are the ‘Grand Palace’, ‘Emerald Buddha’ and the ‘floating market’ and these are just for Bangkok. Then there is World war II museum, French Naval Troops war monument, Tiger temple and many other monasteries / temples and parts of ancient cities scattered all over Thailand. Just around ‘Chiang Rai’, a part of the Northern province the sight-seeing can take you over 2 days. The cultural events calendar in Thailand can be rather full if you really enjoy a complete immersion. The most significant are ‘Loi Krathong’, ‘Boat Racing’ and ‘the Royal Barge Procession’.

4. The Beaches of Thailand, lush landscapes, from crowded to newly discovered, in Thailand dot almost the entire country. From the well known in and around Phuket and Pattaya to the lesser known ‘Kai Bae beach’, ‘Ko Lanta’,  ‘Ko Phi Phi’, ‘Ko Pha Ngan’, ‘Ko Tao’, ‘Ko Samui’ and ‘Ko Lipe’ . Rayong near Pattaya is a very popular destination and is just about an hour away from Pattaya. Hua Hin has some of the earliest beach resorts in Thailand.

5. The National Parks, tropical jungles with resorts built-in, of Thailand can engage the nature lovers for days at a length. The most popular parks are ‘Khao Yai National Park’, Khao Sok National Park’, ‘Mu Koh Samet National Park’, ‘Sai Yok National Park’ and ‘Ang Thong National Marine Park’.

6. The Wellness centres and spas, expanding on a traditional therapy technique more than 2500 years old, grew quickly after the first few came up in early 90’s. Today the range of treatments available in Thailand, clubbed with many kinds of Yoga and meditation techniques, is probably one of the largest in Asia. It is therefore called the ‘Spa capital of Asia’.

7. The shopping, ‘night markets’, ‘weekend markets’, and ‘mega-malls’ make shopping a must-do activity in Thailand. From handicrafts, clothes, leather items, artefacts to electronics and ultimate in Luxury items you can get it all there. While you shall have to check for the night and weekend markets in your area , the 2 major shopping destinations in Bangkok are ‘MBK Centre’ and ‘Central World.

A tourist can make 10’s of itineraries with the above in front. Of course, you can add Golfing as a major activity for Thailand can also provide you a very challenging Golfing experience at par with the best courses of the world.

Enjoy your Holidays in Thailand!