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Why India's Wellness Tourism is growing so fast


Wellness Tourism
India - The World's Fastest-Growing Wellness Tourism
Till a few years back, famous for Cultural, Heritage and Spiritual tours, India is fast emerging as a Wellness Tourism Destination. Wellness tourism, as one can easily identify from the name, is associated with one's personal well being. This includes maintaining as well as enhancing someone's well-being.
With more and more people starting to take care of their health by means of eating healthier food, regular exercise, avoiding or a limiting intake of alcohol, no smoking, Wellness Tourism comes as a blessing for those people. It not only helps maintaining one's physical health but also works towards mental peace and relaxation. Yoga and Meditation have become an important part of the wellness packages being offered. As per a survey report from a reputed international organization, Indian Health and Wellness tourism witnessed a growth of 21% in the year 2012 and is expected to have 22% annual growth this year too. With being more conscious about their personal health as also increasing disposable income, people are willing to spend more on Wellness treatments and do not consider it as a waste of money. They think it is rather better to spend on wellness while one is healthy, than on expensive medicines and treatments after one starts to face health issues, which include various problems faced by people due to obesity.

Ayurveda is a major contributor to India's Wellness Tourism. Using natural, safe and herbal products, Ayurveda is an effective alternative medicine. The range of treatments offered under Ayurveda are Rejuvenation for general well-being, Weight-loss, Panchakarma, Detox, Lifestyle disease care, Arthritis Care, Diabetes Care, Anti-ageing and more. Yoga and Meditation always form an integral part of Ayurveda packages to improve overall physical and mental health of a person.
Health Tips:
* Eat a Nutritious Breakfast
* Participate in activities     you enjoy
* Choose healthy snacks.
* Include whole grains and     fiber in your diet.
* Drink plenty of water.
Wellness Packages:
Women Health Care
Panchkarma Package
Ayurveda in Kerala
Ayurveda in Rishikesh
Ayurveda in Rishikesh
Yoga for Balance
Yoga For Balance