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Women's Day celebrations around the world


Women's Day
International Women's Day' has been observed since early 1900. Women's oppression and inequality forced women to be more vocal and they got very active in campaigning for change. Until 1913, Women's Day was celebrated on last Sunday of February and was later transferred to 8th March, since when it is being celebrated on the same day.
Since 2000, a significant change has come in society's thoughts about being treating women as equal to men. The significance is to celebrate to respect, appreciate and express love for the whole women fraternity and to acknowledge their being an important part of the society as also playing a significant role in the social, economic and political activities. During the Epic age, Women in India enjoyed a very respectable position, sometimes even higher than men. Even during Vedic Period, the women had complete control over household and family and actively participating in public feasts, dances and festive gatherings. Even the feminine forms of popular Hindu Goddesses which represent different feminine qualities and energies are believed to have taken shape in this era.
Ladies Health Care
For the last few years, Women's Day celebrations have started in various parts of India as well. Various events are held to celebrate Women achievers. Various Corporate Houses hold special functions to acknowledge Women's Day and arrange special events. Even in schools, children bring flowers and gifts for their teachers. Men pamper their mothers, wives and friends with Gifts and Flowers and even taking them out for a special Dinner. Some men also take their loved ones out for a short break and splurge to make this day special for them just like their Birthday and Anniversary. Acknowledging the importance of Health, special packages are also being offered on this special day. journeyshanti.com also brings you some Women Special packages as also packages for a short break so that you can make the Women in your life feel special.
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