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Calm yourself and revive

Stress need not necessarily be associated with sad events. Even a happy occasion as wedding can prove stressful. The energy required before the event, on the day of the event and days following could leave you exhausted. 

At times this could lead to severe tiredness, thus slowing you down. In fact the stress could force a person into a restless state, which prevents from getting peaceful sleep, which in turn is crucial for maintaining the skin’s glow. Below detailed are thus two tips - one to help you relax and second to help revive. 

Shanti Mudra

  • Be seated with closed eyes
  • Pull out the left thumb
  • Hold it with the right hand
  • Now join the middle finger of left hand and thumb of the right hand.
  • Resultant shape represents conch or a shankha
  • Now place this natural shankha next to the heart.
  • Whenever in distress, stay in this mudra for a while.

The exercise instantly relieves stress and thus helps relax. An aura of peace dominates. In fact even amongst publics, the mudra can be practiced. Just perhaps you need a veil to cover your hands.

Kapalabhathi or skull-cleansing breath

By way of instant hyperventilation, this tip helps a compelling wake-up.

  • Sit straight
  • Breathe in and breathe out – twice.
  • When you breathe in for the third time, instead of breathing out normally, exhale powerfully from the nostril.
  • Continuously repeat step number 3 for about 5-10 minutes.
  • During the process, notice your abdomen. Responsible for the pumping action during the breathing process, it must rise up and fall.
  • Discontinue hyperventilation and for a few minutes just take normal breaths.
  • For optimum results, repeat stated steps twice.
  • If suffering from any ailments related to heart or BP or epilepsy, do not indulge in this exercise.

This greatly improvises upon the respiration process. By opening airways, stress related headaches are targeted. The skull cleansing breathe performs its duty of cleaning the brain and thus face with powerful energy. Pressure exerted on the abdomen maintains the metabolism and thus tackles all constipation related qualms. If a need is created to exercise in public, gently with your hand, cover the nose. All tiredness and anxieties will be taken care-of.

Yogic food suggestion

Try the cardamom tea as a substitute to caffeine and feel the calmer self. Problems of stress related restlessness / insomnia can be well conquered with Elaichi, which has natural soothing powers. Caffeine and excessive sweet intake must be avoided. High sugar content causes nutrient loss which in turn pumps up fatigue caused by nervousness. The helpless feeling too gets boosted with high blood sugar.

Continuing with the wedding example, to maintain the glow take assistance from natural beauty enablers like fruits and vegetables. However, the efforts should start timely and not just days before the D-day. Suddenly changed diet plans might leave you in a bad mood and bad skin.

Tiring schedules must be countered with thin soups. Without adding extra layers, the soup will impart the needed momentum. Try soups with different vegetable ingredients and thus keep up on the nutrition account. More so because vitamin deficiency and thus poor diet has a strong correlation with issues like insomnia, tiredness, frustration, tenseness, etc.