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Let subconscious assume control


Let subconscious assume control

Our brain is divided into two parts – the conscious mind and the sub conscious mind. The thinking and decision making is a responsibility of the conscious mind, which follows the logical and systematic path for finding reason based solutions. On the other hand, subconscious ignores reasoning thing and functions much deeper than conscious wing, almost like our mind’s storage disk which keeps our memories and shapes the routine patterns. All that we see, smell, feel or hear is recorded in subconscious. 

Deploy the subconscious

The subconscious is the knowledge inventory register which can be deployed to heal and be treated as a friend and mentor. The powers it has are much stronger than the conscious wing. To illustrate, consider the case where we are suffering from an ailment, once we acknowledge the presence of it, we get the power to hit at the root of the problem stored in the subconscious mind. Doctors suggest the patient to exercise internal strength and fight the disease with positive attitude. Subconscious mind, by hitting hard on the conscious mind, enables this. Key is to make most of subconscious mind’s force and liveliness. 

Our capability to learn from experiences helps trigger the subconscious; if things are kept in picture, the ability to deal with failures grows. Subconscious has a tendency to create its beliefs and follow the same. Thus if the convictions are negative, there will be a negative impact, because there is no knowledge of good or evil. The only formula it follows is – ‘known is equivalent to safe and unknown implies danger’. 

It is possible to alter the way subconscious mind works:

  • Do 21 repetitions of encouraging lines and well wishes every day, for 21 days. It is a proven fact that 21 repetitions make habits. Thus if you are disturbed, repeat to yourself ‘inside I am calm, natural forces nourish me, there’s love and security, all around’.
  • Everyday spend a few minutes connecting with the inner you.
  • Deal with nature flaws and contradictions
  • Take a break and look at your life and it’s issues
  • Don’t let negativity win over
  • We are all intuitive by nature and thus you must follow your instincts.

Once you fill the subconscious mind with positive energies, the way forward is certain. With this accomplished, fulfilling all dreams will come naturally. It is all about believing in you. Convert wishes into sincere options and deploy the determination to make them valid.