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Philosophy - Freedom From Worldly Pain, (M. M.Kaushal) - Part 4

Philosophy - Freedom From Worldly Pain, (M. M.Kaushal) - Part 4

11.  Chetnaamaatraatmaae
What are “I” “You” or “That” if not bodies? “Ashtaavakra” and other celebrated thinkers have called them only "Chetnaa" (Conscious). According to them the bodies and other physical objects which we grasp through our senses, are product of that “Chetnaa” (Conscious) only, which pervades the whole creation.

Almost all the branches of Indian Philosophy agree at this one point that “Chetnaa” (Conscious) is the basic element from which the creation rises and into which it ends. Who says that there is no “Chetnaa” (Conscious) in the trees and plants and the other objects which are seemingly lifeless? The manifestation of that “Chetnaa” (Conscious) may be in a different form but all the objects are conscious and react to situations / actions differently. This needs to be considered deeply.

When the “Chetnaa” (Conscious) giving rise to “I” in a body leaves it, we call the body lifeless but the other elements rise to the occasion and change their roles according to the situation. The breathing ceases but the Air now plays a different role in dismantling the body. In the same way, the other elements too start the activities to scatter the physical assembly.

That “Chetnaa” (Conscious) which stays in the body as long as it is useful is called “Aatmaa”. It is like the Lamp which stays alight as long as the meeting does not end.

12.   Roopani Kalpitani
According to the "Eko Brahma" (Only one Brahm) theory, everything is a form of the same Brahm. While some differentiate between the living and the non-living, the learned ones who delved into deep thoughts established the "Conscious" only as the root cause of all forms. They established the Doctrine of “Omnipresent Super Conscious” through personal experience in “Yoga Samadhi” (Super Concentration).

The Omnipotence of the Conscious is proclaimed in Yoga Sootra by Patanjali and in Yoga Vashishtha as well by Vashishtha as compiled by others. According to them a “Yogi” who can connect himself with the Supreme Conscious becomes Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. Nothing is impossible for him.

Moreover in the Vedas and Upnishads it has been repeatedly emphasized that the Super Conscious (Parmatamaa) multiplies himself into huge numbers and forms according to His will or reduces all such creation to nothingness when He desires.

Hasn’t Einstein established the relationship between Energy and Matter in modern Times? Why cannot be there such an energy source which changes to matter and again to the original form?

13.   Kaarnamasti Mahachchetanaa
What is the cause of this worldly system or various forms of creation ? The root is Super Conscious (Mahachchetanaa) which may be called by any name. There is one such Conscious Power which is the root cause of all creation and its system. Everything emerges from it and then remerges into it or as it is said, “He expands himself into various forms and then Contracts according to His Will”.

In some Upanishads the Creator and the Creations have been compared with a spider and its web-thread. The spider can create as long a thread as required and gulps it down when desired. Likewise, according to this school of thinkers, God may create or destroy the creation at will. Some other thinkers supporting “Uniqueness (Advaitvaad)” differ to say that while the spider and its threads are separate entities, Brahm or God or Super Conscious manifests Himself in all these forms which appear or disappear. According to them the body and the soul within are not separate entities, but just like a hand and a body, one is part of the other called by a different name. Every entity of the creation is a part of that Super Conscious (Mahachetanaa) called by a different name.

And worldly systems? They are just reactions of limbs with one another just as in a body.

14.  Agyaanam Roopasyaadhyaaropah
The biggest “Ignorance(Agyaan)” is to attach importance to separate forms, forgetting the “Uniqueness (Advait)”.

One part of that Super Conscious (Mahachchetanaa) recognising itself as a separate entity becomes “I” and then names some other forms as “You”. This, as a matter of fact is the starting of the worldly system. Why is it so? Why does God/ Super Conscious create this feeling in one part? There is no answer to this question to-date except that the question of “How and Why” regarding the actions of The Omnipotent does not arise. It is only “His Will” playing in all directions.

Many wise people tackled this question but agreed in the end that “Only God knows what He does”.

All follies start with man’s Ego (Aham) when he forgets the Almighty and considers himself as the Supreme Power. If he acts always keeping in mind the fountain source of power, all his difficulties will end; but this too cannot happen without the Grace of the Almighty.

To earn the Pleasure of the Almighty is in itself a big task.

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