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Role of Ayurveda in helping fatigue, Aches & pains, Digestion & de-stress

“Dhaarma artha kama mokshanam arogyam moolam uttamam

Rogasthat apaharatharah sreyaso jeevethasya cha.” (Ch.Su)

Disease free condition is the best source of virtue, wealth, gratification and emancipation while the disease is the destroyer of welfare and life.

There exists in every person a place that is free from disease that cannot age or die. But visits to this place may be very brief or too late. According to present life style and climatic change etc, this has appeared as a great obstacle for human begins to find such a situation.

Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine. It is indeed a science and a way of life.  Ayurveda is formed by combination of two words ayu and veda.  Ayu means the conjunction of body, sense organs mind self whereas veda means its study. Ayurvedic means the medicines originated some 5000 years ago hence making it the oldest healing system that is still surviving without any change. Ayurveda provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies.


Rejuvation / Fatigue

Most of us are familiar with the term rejuvenation which is also known as Rasayana therapy. Rasa means biologically transformable liquid nutrient and aayana is pathway. Many of our acharyas(gurus) have sought the secret of longevity but they had mostly remained hidden from Ayurveda.

On ageing our cells and tissues in the body undergo change and deterioration; hence it becomes necessary to rejuvenate our whole body system, if we strive for an improving body, mind and soul. It also helps in decreasing the degradation rate of body. This chikitsa(therapy) may consist of body massage with mediated oil, swedanam(steam) and oral intake of herbs with rasayanic effects.

Massage was used by early physicians to treat fatigue, illness and injury based on their basic understanding of how the body functions. When one undergoes massage, it increase the blood circulation, thus enabling the body to help is removing the dead cells from body that are formed after due to ageing. Ageing is nothing but accumulation of damage to macromolecules, cells tissues and organs. Once the dead cells are loosed are up by external snehanam i.e. massage, it is excreted out by swedanam. On swedanam the pores open up, as we know the skin is the excretory organ in our body, thus the unwanted substances are taken out of the body.  As a result we achieve a long life span, better memory, youthfulness, good look and perfect skin and most importantly an increase in energy flow (ojas)



Ayurveda enshrines the necessity of healthy digestive system as the perquisite factor to an overall healthiness. According to Ayurveda unhealthy eating manners aid to upset the physiological balance which it turn disturbs the natural substances i.e vata, pita and kapha in human body. Agni (fire as an element) plays a very important role, agni here is used as a metaphor for the energy that the body needs to digest food and the energy that is a product of digestion. Jatagarani (digestive fire) is an essential element that plays significant role in digestion and assimilation. After all the processes, if the undigested food is not expelled out properly and still remains in the body then it forms 'Ama'. Ama is a sticky and toxic residue created from undigested food when the digestive power becomes weak.  This ama is the cause for many dangerous diseases as it blocks the energy channels, that is to say that it may clog up arteries, veins, etc This ama is cause for many dangerous diseases as it blocks the energy channels and as a result the energy flow is affected. Ayurveda suggests one of its very best treatments to treat this, which is Panchakarma.

Panchakarma is a profound detoxification therapy that enables the body to release ama through a powerful combination of massage, vasti(enema therapy) and other cleansing diets.

There are 3 steps in undergoing panchakarma.

  1. Poorvakarma:-
    • Snehanam- done to internally and externally to loosen up the sticky and toxic ama from its site.
    • Swedanam- moves it from unwanted sites for elimination.
  2. Pradhana karma:-
    • Move this toxin towards the GI tract and expel it out either through vamana(Emesis), Virechana{ Purgation},Vasthi{ Enema }, Nasyam { Nasal oil treatment}, Rakthamoksham{ Blood Letting}. Of these, the most commonly used are vamana , virechana or vasti.
  3. Paschat Karma:-
    • Diet control with intake of light food that helps in inducing appetite and keeps the system clean.



It has now been widely recognized that stress can be the cause of several distressing diseases. Tension can build up in the muscles of the body which in turn causes decrease in blood flow or circulation and flow of nutrient delivery to tissues. With fast paced lives and the unrelenting race to meet the deadlines in office as well as at home, our tired minds and bodies do tend to seek a stress buster. One of the guiding principles of Ayurveda is that the mind and body are never independent of each, what affects one effects the other, they are more a part of each other’s existence than is perceived.  Massage and sirodhara treatment help in the management of stress. Sirodhara is one of the most beautiful and relaxing treatment. Both massage and Sirodhara, together help in decreasing the stress hormones such as cortisol, HGH and Norepinephrine. It also helps in inducing a sound sleep which in turn leads to a rested mind and a healthy body.  This also helps in bringing down the stress related diseases like insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and depression etc.


Contributed by Mr.Akbar Asokan