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The Wellness Mantras

The Wellness Mantras

Integral constituents to good health are nice food, communication with prana and environment and keeping positive attitude. An advice is to enjoy the present day and interact as much with nature. Thinking too much about past or future causes’ unhappiness.

Pay attention to the below mentioned 11 wellness mantras and see your life’s positive transition:

1. Let the morning begin with feelings of gratitude. Be grateful for the surrounding nature and feel alive and charged.

2. On occasions, you get up feeling puzzled and foggy, struggling with the thoughts of an irritating matter. Believing that the problem can be solved ask for help. Angels then come to the rescue and suggest breakthrough.

3. Feel the nature. Go for an outdoor walk or relax in the balcony or garden and let the fresh air inside you, gaze at tweeting birds and feel the flowing breeze. Indulge in pranayama and try breathing exercises especially the ones where you exhale breath. In the process, toxins get eliminated, thus leaving you rejuvenated.

4. Take the concept of positivity from theory to the practical stage. Whatever you do or whenever you interact, explore the brighter side of it.

5. Communication which revolves around kind words instils magic in personal and professional life. Explore your gentle side.

6. A glass of water every hour is magic; inner energies get replenished. The idea is to drive away negativities and remain focused.

7. A family which eats at least one meal together lays foundation of support and bonding for all its members. The togetherness will let you face the world as wholesome being.

8. You reflect your words. Thus maintaining your word will make it beautiful and grand and will add the desired shades to personality and will mark you a winner.

9. There is no life without money, but do ensure that your money terms are liberal and based upon trust. The feeling is worth millions.

10. Everyday if possible, to a loved and an unknown person, give a reason to smile. Your life will no longer be purposeless.

11. Every night, close your eyes with a smile on your lips and a heart full of love.