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What message do the body parts have for you?

What message do the body parts have for you?

Bigger lips and a woman is considered lucky, a wide faced man cannot be trusted upon; but what else you think the body parts can disclose with relevance to personalities? 

Boffins are of the opinion that from the head top to the toe tip (including the bum too); all body parts can provide vital clues to understanding personality. 

Details pertaining to any subject ranging from the love life to intelligence quotient, can all be discovered from eyebrow’s arch or outline of the hairline or index finger’s shape. 

Thus when it comes to blondes, are they really dumb? Are green eyes indicative of jealousy? Can shorter height be considered funny? What does chin has to do with cheating? We compiled evidences to figure out what the body indicates about your personality. 


  • As per experts from University of California, because blond women are conferred increased attention than redheads and brunettes, they are much more confident.
  • Amongst the three hair colours, Redheads have least tolerance towards pain and in comparison to blonds or brunettes; they usually need more of pain alleviating drugs and anaesthesia.
  • Comparative statistical study conducted between American bald men and those with hair reflected that the former have an average IQ of 119 as against later which have an IQ of 115. A large sample size statistically confirmed the results.


  • Face Reader Dadhichi Toth is of the opinion that a wide forehead is indicative of a clever, attentive and practical mind, which is loaded with ideas.
  • Likewise if somebody has a high rounded forehead, which is deep as well, expect an explicit inclination towards friendship.
  • Practicality and a tendency to follow facts can be expected from those who have a flat forehead.
  • A flying or a retreating forehead resembles people who lack patience and act spontaneously.
  • Coming over to professional accomplishments, an indented forehead cannot be considered a good sign and is auspicious for those whose forehead is pointed – luck will most likely shine on those with held back, broader hairline.


  • A wide faced man has greater tendencies to cheat and thus act devious.
  • Honesty and openness is expected from men who have a narrow face – maybe you’d now like to look closely at your bloke and categorize accordingly.


Most minuscule details of the eyebrow reveal big personality secrets, at least that’s what the Chinese face reading art believes in.

  • In the age group of 31 – 34, those who have shorter eyebrows will be prone to a comparatively disturbed life on personal and professional front, in comparison to the rest.
  • If somebody has dark and heavy brows, expect high activity and friendly approach. Here it might be of interest to note this category is always ready for a party and loves to treat.
  • On the other hand, those with thin and light coloured brows are not as fun. To this category staying organized is vital and thus they make an effort to pursue course to the letter.
  • If you face somebody with straight eyebrows, avoid debating because they are strongly convinced in their thoughts and to them sticking to the convictions is critical.
  • Eyebrows pointing in the upward direction are reflective of intense work ethics. Leadership is an intrinsic quality amongst these people.
  • Messed up eyebrows indicate a messy approach to life in general and cash matters in particular.


  • Pale Blue Colour – calm however lack the requisite physical stamina and force.
  • Blue Grey Colour – You conduct your emotional analyses, are single-minded and mentally skilled.
  • Green Colour - Your mind is always full of thoughts and boredom strikes you easily, thus aiming for variety at job.
  • Brown Colour – You are caring, close to family and affectionate.
  • Grey Colour – Privacy and confidentiality is your style, on the emotional front you are able to keep your cool.


  • Turned-up – Expect optimism, kindness and thrill in these people. They are passionate about experiencing new.
  • Hawk – The rebel variety, people with a hawk nose do not depend upon others for approval. To them, what others think is kind of irrelevant and it is all about their own pursuits.
  • Greek – The straight nose reflects a person who is motivating and is a meticulous organizer. The manners and efficient approach demonstrated by these people labels them as grafters.
  • Roman – The nose shape symbolises leadership qualities. The personality of these people is strong and they are in full control of themselves. Thus an aggressive outburst or impulsive reactions are rarely seen.
  • Nubian (widened base and a long nose) – creativity and passion comes naturally to these people. They are busy figuring out innovative ways to tackle issues.
  • Snub – the kind is blessed with physical and mental cleverness. Thinking abilities are sharper and in comparison to any average person, these people are quick-witted. Additionally expect attentiveness from a snub partner.


Joey Yap, a renowned face reader, asserts that intelligence can be assessed from 50 ear patterns.

People with protruding ears love to hog limelight and those with flat ear structure are likely to be opinionated. People with ear lobes of bigger than average size know how to live luxuriously and when the ear’s top is big with a round bottom, intelligence is likely.


If the lips of the lady are thin, she will be committed for long. Those women who have a bigger mouth and fuller lips enjoy popularity and are lucky.


A US research claims that women with big chins have a tendency to cheat on their men, all thanks to their increased testosterone levels.


The breast size is directly proportional to IQ. A poll conducted in Chicago, with a sample size of 1200 women, established the finding.


Longer arms than the majority imply 10% reduced chances of developing Alzheimers and 7% lower probability of developing dementia.


  • Women find men sexy whose index finger is shorter than ring finger. However, as per another study, such men cannot be trusted upon as good drivers.
  • Confidence is lacking amongst those whose index finger fails to cover through the middle finger’s bottom.
  • A natural outward inclination of the little finger, from the hand, is symbolic of independence and extrovert personality.


You might not like to agree but when it comes to sex, fatter guys have more stamina than slimmer ones. In a study which extended over duration of one year, it was revealed that fatter spent average 7.3 minutes making love, while the slimmer counterparts could only manage 108 seconds. On account of high quantum of female sex hormones, the heavier ones slowly progressed towards orgasm.


Inclination of forgetting is more apparent in women with bigger hip size. Even worse is the situation for hip sized women, with smaller waists.


  • Optimism and contentment shines through the round bottom, while flattish bum shape is indicative of dry and sad life.
  • A muscular bum is characteristic in people who are poised, alluring and inventive.
  • Patient and grounded people usually have a bum which is pear shaped.


  • People too involved in satisfying others rather than focusing upon themselves usually have bunions.
  • Ingrown toenail suggests that the person is vulnerable and feels helpless.
  • Wide feet people love to work and to them sitting idle is akin to punishment.
  • Princess feet people i.e. those with narrow feet have a personality totally opposite wide feet people. These guys want to sit and see people rushing around for them.
  • For the information of all, a man’s feet size has no correlation with manhood.