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Rejuvenation Package 7N

-7nights stay in Mysore
-Rejuvenation treatments
-All meals+Medicines
-Yoga+Beauty therapies

Panchakarma 21N

- Complete Panchakarma procedure
- External+Internal medicines
- Doctors consultation
- Stay+Meals+Yoga+Meditation

Weight Management 14D

-Weight management program
-Specific area targeting
-Weight loss & inch loss
-Lifestyle+Diet changes

Ayurveda Rejuvenation 14N

- 14 nights stay
-Doctor consultation
-All meals+medicines
-All therapies+Massages

Vamana Panchakarma 7N

-Beneficial in Asthma,Allergies
-For Skin disorders & Vitilgo
-Decongests respiratory tract
-Eliminates toxins

Nasya Panchakarma 7N

-Improve memory, eye-sight
-For hyper pigmentation in face
-For headaches, Insomia etc
-All meals,stay+doctor consultation

Basti Panchakarma 7N

-Removes loosened vata
-Most imp procedure of Panchakarma
-All meals+Medicines