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For centuries humans have been fascinated by the concept of everlasting youth. There are stories abound of mythological figures, kings in the distant and not-so-distant past and alchemists who went on missions or took to hard penance to find the elixir of life. Rejuvenation packages from many streams of medicines prevalent in those times were used regularly.

Reversal of aging or to gain better focus / memory and balance in life remain in many a wish lists today as well and the pressures of modern life make achievement of this goal ever so difficult. 

The simplest means of rejuvenation include taking a break from routine and finding ways to reduce stress and addressing the nagging issues of health or relationships at leisure. Holidays are supposed to address all of the above and specialises in helping you with a great holiday experience around whatever your interest area be. We handle rejuvenation tours focused on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects singularly or a package of some or all of these aspects. Explore various Rejuvenation packages on offer at or please let us know your interest area and we shall work with you to design the best experience for you.