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Anti-ageing 14N

-14 nights anti-ageing program
-Slows down ageing 
-Handles ageing related health issues
-Doctor consultation+therapies+stay

Women Care 5/7N

-5/7 nights women specific
-Therapies for better health
-Yoga & Meditation
-Beauty care treatments

Detox in Kerala -7N

-Detox therapies
-Doctor consultation
-Stay at ayurveda centre in Kerala
-Special meals+Yoga+Meditation

Panchakarma in Kerala

- Panchakarma in Kerala
- 21 nights stay+all meals
- Treatments/Therapies/Yoga
- Doctor consultations

Kerala Ayurveda Packages

-Stay+Meals at ayurveda centre
-Doctor consultation
-Internal+External Medicines

Weight Loss 15days

-Special weight loss therapies
-Inch loss therapies
-Special food to help weight loss
-Beauty therapy+Yoga

Yoga packages 7N

-7nights Yoga program
-Yoga sessions +Ayurveda massages
-Special diets+therapies
-Doctor consultation

Detox Plan 14N

-14 nights detox program
-Special diet - all meals
-Doctor consultation

Anti Ageing 7 days

-Anti-ageing therapies
-Slows down ageing process
-Age related health problems
-Customized program

Panchakarma 14N

-Panchakarma in Kerala
-Removes toxins
-Improves well-being
-Treatment for health issues

Spine and Neck Care

-Handle Neck & Spine problems
-Consultation with doctor
-Yoga+Meditation sessions