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Reading is an important part of any educated and successful persons life. Reading is many things to many people, for some it aids academic knowledge as well as easier understanding of life events; for others it is a window in the world of fantasy or a means to engage the mind in gripping plots. Reading also offers companionship to the lonely and information to the inquisitive.

Reading is also known to have various health benefits like mental development, stimulation of eye muscles, etc.. A great stress-buster and rejuvenating, reading involves a lot of concentration and one gets engrossed completely hence resulting in an easy diversion from the problems at that time. So, it relaxes the body and mind. It broadens ones horizons in many ways and enriches our vocabulary, improves focus, concentration, memory & discipline. More knowledge boosts self confidence as one feels more confident while interacting with others. Reading to ones child strengthens the child-parent bond.

An activity that one can do anywhere and anytime, even small reading breaks are helpful. Reading is very helpful while travelling as well. It offers a good pass-time if there is nothing interesting in the surroundings. One can go informed about the culture and history of the places being visited.

In short, reading aids rejuvenation, relaxation, Passing time, enjoyment, knowledge, academics and health. Find your own reason to Read or “Just Read to Read”.