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Travel Astro

Ancient Indian Astrology has given guiding rules to be followed in all the activities of life and travelling is no exception. Muhoorta Shaastra or Horary Astrology has dealt with the subject of favourable dates for travel in detail on the basis of the days, tithies (Lunar dates), Nakshatras ( Constellation of the moon) and the birth chart of an individual. There are other allied fields of study too which deal with the subject in easier ways but the working of ancient astrology seems to be quite logical because it treats each individual as a separate entity by using the birth chart. In case of a group traveling, the head of the family or the leader is given consideration.

However, the Sun signs and predictions based on those are more popular and easily understood across the globe. has tried to create a fusion and make some guidelines so that your travel gets you closer to your objective. May you want a more detailed study then do write to us and we shall get you a customized study done.

Enclosed prediction is generic and only related to Travelling. It is based on Sun signs. The validity is from 21st February till 22nd March 2015.**

In the end it is logical to understand that astrology, like all other ways and means developed by the humans, has its limitations.

Please click on your 'Zodiac Name' given below the Zodiac signs to read your travel predictions.....



**Disclaimer: - We suggest only possibilities and therefore makes no warranties / representations with respect to accuracy or significance of any aspect of the Travel Astro details. Our Astrologer’s opinion on any particular point might differ. Kindly use your discretion before relying on any prediction/s. is not responsible for any claims for negative / non functioning of any prescription of the mentioned sections advice / remedy provided by expert Astrologer. The predictions are based on the study and views of our Astro experts and disclaims their responsibility to the fullest extent as per applicable laws.**